Le vie delle Lettere
La Tipografia Medicea tra Roma e l’Oriente


edited by Sara Fani and Margherita Farina

exhibition catalogue: Florence, Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana; 26 October 2012-22 June 2013

With the exhibition entitled “Le vie delle lettere. La Tipografia Medicea tra Roma e l’Oriente”, the Laurentian Library again confirms the success of its “Library on Display” series and its cultural policy aimed informing the public about its priceless codices and printed volumes. The exhibition, devoted to the history of the Typographia Medicea established thanks to the lucid initial project of the Orientalist Giovanni Battista Raimondi, also illustrates the history of the library’s Oriental collection and presents noteworthy manuscripts and publications in Eastern languages.

The catalogue examines the history of the printing house, established in Rome in 1584, and the marvellous encounter of three men linked with the project: Giovanni Battista Raimondi, interested in expanding the horizon of knowledge; Ferdinando de’ Medici, the cardinal who funded the undertaking, as he wanted to commercialize Oriental texts; and Pope Gregory XIII, who was determined to circulate the Scriptures in the East to evangelize the Islamic populations and unite the Eastern Christian Churches with the Church of Rome. The undertaking was not successful financially, but it produced an incredible wealth and variety of works.


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