Gold Medal for Italian Architecture 2015

Exhibition catalogue La Triennale di Milano
12 December 2015-7 February 2016

Essays by Marco Biraghi, Luisa Collina, Alessandro Colombo, Alessandra Fassio, Alberto Ferlenga, Fulvio Irace, Christophe Pourtois, Cino Zucchi

The Gold Medal for Italian Architecture, promoted by Triennale di Milano in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Culture Heritage and Activities and Tourism and Made expo, has now reached its fifth edition and has consolidated its role as the most important Italian architectural award. Every three years the award’s advisers vision works submitted by hundreds of professional studios and that have been designed by their architects in various sectors. The gold metal competition is not only the occasion for rewarding a talented architect and his work, but also one for an awareness of the transformation of Italian architecture in comparison to international architecture. The competition, in its various editions, has been an opportunity for noting the prevalence of certain sectors with respects to others, such as the reutilisation of existing structures or the architecture of interiors, or for observing the increase of interest in other sectors, such as those of landscape or of infrastructures. The last edition particularly highlighted a growth in the quality of Italian architecture, which we had already noted for some years, and also and above all the presence of important works by Italian professionals built abroad. This was a demonstration of an ability to export culture and projects that Italy, through her designers and businesses, had reached at the highest level in the past and which seemed to have disappeared in more recent years. This year we decided to award the prize, for the first time and to underline an important trend in the building world, to a magisterial action of restoration and reutilisation: thet of the silos and military bakery of Santa Marta in Verona, which now house the lecture halls of Verona University, the result of the interventions by Massimo Carmassi; this was also the occasion for recuperating an exceptional building and for regenerating an area important for the city. Besides the Gold Medal, we have conferred a further four awards in recognition of the careers of such undoubted protagonists of Italian architecture as Mario Bellini, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Franco Purini, and Francesco Venezia, architects from different generations but having in common the fact of having designed and built a great many notable works, so helping to make Italian architecture known throughout the world.

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