«S|R, Studi e Restauri»
Il monitoraggio delle grandi fabbriche storiche


Issue n. 1
Series directed by Francesco Gurrieri and Bruno Santi

edited by Carlo Blasi

Atti del convegno: Firenze, OPA Centro Arte e Cultura, 19-20 gennaio 2012

The first issue of the S|R, Studi e Restauri notebooks marks the beginning of a programme aimed at circulating study and conservation efforts, methods, processes and the outcomes of the restoration work that, since 1294, the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore has conducted on the artistic heritage for which it is responsible. The specialist convention about monitoring Filippo Brunelleschi’s dome, held in Florence in January 2012 and documented in this book, opened up a comparison of different experiences regarding the methods, models and problems of buildings that require constant study and analysis, with important discussions of Italian monuments such as the dome of St Peter’s, the Tower of Pisa, and the Venetian basilicas of St Mark and Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Friari, as well as international ones such as the Hagia Sophia and St Paul’s Cathedral. The hope – encapsulated in the words written by Vincenzo Viviani in 1695 on the importance of “working to prevent problems from progressing” – is that intense international studies can be conducted revolving around the dome of the Florentine cathedral, aimed at protecting the monument and developing systems to monitor structural improvement work.

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