«S|R, Studi e Restauri»
Il Battistero di San Giovanni a Firenze

Issue n. 5
Series directed by Francesco Gurrieri and Bruno Santi

edited by Francesco Gurrieri

The cycle of conferences held in view of the international convention “Il Battistero di San Giovanni. Conoscenza, Diagnostica, Conservazione”, staged in November 2014, emphasized that the Florentine baptistery was one of European architecture’s most important construction sites, spanning centuries. From there, we have an initial interpretation of several unique aspects then discussed at the convention. These studies, which have reached reliable results, involve the origins of the building as a Roman domus; the profound value of the figure of the octagon and of the sacred building with an octagonal plan in ancient and medieval architecture and culture; the artistic values of the Baptistery, such as the mosaics decorating the vault, the three monumental doors, the complex “narrations” of the baptismal font and of the monument to Antipope John XXIII; and the conservation and restoration problems that have become very important over the past few decades. Each of the essays collected here offers ideas and stimulation for a more correct view of existing problems, representing an essential moment to learn about and love this symbol of Christian art and universal architecture even more.

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