Fashioning Social & Cultural Innovation. Design empowering communities to foster sustainability in culture intensive industries

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edited by Federica Vacca

with essays by Reet Aus, Paola Bertola, Sass Brown, Eleonora Coira, Chiara Colombi, Erminia D’itria, Chiara Di Lodovico, Valeria M. Iannilli, Anna Meroni, Kirsi Niinimäki, Julia Valle-Noronha, Antonella Penati, Ulla Ræbild, Vibeke Riisberg, Francesca Romana Rinaldi, Alessandra Spagnoli, Linda Turunen, Federica Vacca, Ann Vellesalu

In the current scenario, characterized by remote working and a redirection towards more sustainable and flexible lifestyles, it is becoming necessary to rethink the entire value chain of the fashion system to adopt more agile and transparent models, which allow companies to establish themselves as promoters of positive and lasting transformation.

The book FASHIONING SOCIAL & CULTURAL INNOVATION, Design empowering communities to foster sustainability in culture intensive industries, presents a collection of essays organized into three thematic sections. Its aim is to present the ways in which research in sustainable fashion design is pursuing different approaches and visions of a sustainability paradigm, to foster the system’s integrity and stability through a constant commitment to support culture, people and local communities.

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