Partorirai con amore
L’avventura più grande della tua vita

by Rita Breschi

preface by Claudia de Lillo alias Elasti

With the change of society, even the delicate and natural event of childbirth has been turned on its head, originally characterized by home-births but moved towards mass hospitalization in the 1960s. The specter of safety and of the absence of pain has resulted in the practice of caesarean section, which is expected to more than double with respect to the European average. The popularity of painless childbirth, no longer considered an option but rather common practice, also risks creating inauthentic needs and unreasonable promises to honour. Rita Breschi confronts this subject theoretically, in light of her obstetric experience. Breschi confirms, with enthusiasm and conviction, that natural childbirth is, above all, a right of women, of their experience, and of their body. She reveals a new approach to natural childbirth, promoting the extraordinary resources nature bestows on every woman and child, and a philosophy that tries to facilitate and decondition the fear of this human experience. Illuminating aspects of development and awareness to protect the formative experience of love, the volume provides a modern reflection dedicated to the entire feminine public, future moms and midwives.

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