Ho fatto la dieta
Come scoprire perché non si riesce a seguire uno schema alimentare

by Daria Grani

Many people know what, when and how they should eat in order to lose weight: the real problem lies in actually doing it. In the meantime, we lose track of all the diets we’ve tried, stopped and then started again. Many people think that shedding excess pounds is simply a matter of arithmetic, sacrifice and willpower, but this is the first big mistake, a futile conviction that is also counterproductive. We should instead reconsider everything, change our outlook and think about all the clichés on the subject. For those who have suffered from this problem for years, the only way to break this vicious cycle and start losing weight is by fully understanding why we binge instead of eating normally. The book contains no recipes or diets. What it does offer, however, is the key to understanding our behaviour, which is essential before starting a controlled eating regimen. With an appealing and straightforward style, the author explains the method and tools that worked even for someone like her who, after thirty years of dieting, thought she was a lost cause.

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