Liberi di essere liberi
Storia di una ex fumatrice

by Francesca Patton

The author, a normal girl with a normal life, decides to abandon the vice that has accompanied her for years: smoking. She will succeed. Nevertheless, she will face more than just the struggle to conquer her physical dependence. She will discover that for her, smoking is not just a diversion or a distraction, but that it has played an essential and unwieldy role in her life: giving her permission to deny and hide from the real problems that have afflicted her for years. The abandonment of her nicotine refuge becomes an opportunity to call into question her relationship with herself, with her family and with the world. Once the mask has been removed, once the warm blanket that protected her for years and allowed her to withstand the most unpleasant aspects of life has been set aside, the author is granted her moment of rediscovery, of being finally free to reinvent herself and discover her true place in the world. Francesca Patton recounts and reflects on her experience, letting flow valuable themes of the most thorough psychological analysis in a composition of rare fluidity and compelling rhythm.

The author’s retrospection progresses with the diary’s pages, thereby providing two distinct narrative dimensions.

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