Il Battistero di San Giovanni


Proceedings of the International Convention: Florence, Centro Arte Cultura, 24-25 November 2014

Edited by Francesco Gurrieri

The Opera of Santa Maria del Fiore has promoted a deeper and more organic understanding of the Florence Baptistery, having been recently renovated and restored to its former glory, in a series of research and analyses, thereby “knowing in order to protect”. After an in-depth diagnostic campaign and vast research, the Convegno Internazionale (International Convention) gathered the results. The themes addressed by the convention are of major interest in the current debate, through the comparative assessment between the Florentine Baptistery of Saint John and Oriental and Islamic culture with respect to “polychromism” and “octagonal” architectural typographies. Presented for the first time are: a) a systematic and complete evaluation of the workshop, utilizing the most advanced laser-scanner technology; b) an extensive verification of its materials; c) a model of the “structural system” and of its failures, anomalies and the sensitivities of the structure; d) the dating and the state of conservation of the wooden and metal chains. The extensively illustrated contributions to the volume represent the most extensive and systematic recognition ever executed regarding the Baptistery, promoting a serious cognitive leap on its complexity and singular architecture.

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