Spot on Schools

edited by P. Giaconia

“SPOT ON SCHOOLS offers a first survey of the most distinguished schools of architecture in the world that explored inventive design strategies, facilitated by new technologies, and investigated the ways in which digital media have informed the conception and production of architecture. It is an exploration of the new ranges of architectural communication that digital media have made available; an investigation of how digital instruments are transforming the modes by which architects can conceive and communicate their designs and of how technology and mass media are shaping their representations; a presentation and discussion of the state-of-the-art and cutting-edge researches in the field. SPOT ON SCHOOLS is a wide though preliminary investigation, aimed at a changing international panorama that is in full development and is not afraid to reveal its heterogeneity and – as far as the most radical and extreme cases are concerned – even its indeterminateness. An agenda for future investigations.”

With the “Spot on Schools” exhibition the Beyond Media/Oltre i media festival, promoted by the TAeD Department “Pierluigi Spadolini” of the University of Florence, starts a wide-ranging survey of the research work carried out at the international level on the relationship between architecture and the media.

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