La Metropoli Multietnica

edited by Andrea Branzi

exhibition catalogue: The Multi-ethnic Metropolis. XXI Triennale di Milano International Exhibition. 21st Century. Design After Design, Milan 2016 02.04- 12.09

The exhibitions that build upon the theme of “21st Century. Design After Design” at the 21st Triennial International Exhibition of Milan, all have in common the discontinuity between the 20th and 21st centuries. The 1900s was a century that familiarised countries and people with levels of wellbeing never practiced before. The subsequent century is characterised by an anxiety of uncertainty that is undermining our faith in advancement. The exhibition “La Metropoli Multietnica”(The Multiethnic Metropolis), curated by Andrea Branzi, allows us to reflect on how the theme of the quality of coexistence is determined for our future.

The multiethnic metropolis cultivates a progressive hybridization between 400 minorities that still exist in the world. Independently from our ability to accommodate it, this precious archipelago of ethnicities experiences invasive currents of international commerce, information, coexistence with new habits, styles, music, cuisines, and religions on a daily basis, producing a general hybridization.

In the last century we discovered that for every problem there could be a solution, but the multiethnic metropolis presents a problem that requires a constant and fatiguing supervision.

This world must ask itself how to introduce elements of coexistence (among them architecture, design, lifestyles, food and rites), because the relationship with minorities, if positive, can be an instrument for confronting themes that may otherwise become devastating and contentious in a social context.

We do not know, especially after having visited this exhibition, if we will succeed in untangling some of these issues, but certainly we will be more conscious of the value and benefit of diversity.

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