Legati da una Cintola
L’Assunta di Bernardo Daddi e l’identità di una città

Exhibition catalogue: Prato, Museo di Palazzo Pretorio, 7 September 2017 – 14 January 2018

With essays by Andrea De Marchi, Renzo Fantappiè, Claudio Cerretelli, Isabella Lapi Ballerini, Cristina Gnoni, Rita Iacopino, Marco Ciatti, Diana Toccafondi.

Entries by Aurora Corio, Chiara Marcheschi, Andrea De Marchi, Carl Brandon Strehlke, Fulvio Cervini, Cristina Gnoni, Camila Amoros, Fabiana Carelli, Viola Casaglieri, Don Renzo Fantappiè, Valentina Baffi, Lorenzo Sbaraglio, Giovanni Giura, Anna Maria Guiducci, Francesco Caglioti, Rita Iacopino, Giada Petrillo, Daniela Degl’Innocenti, Marco Campigli, Simone Giordani, Paolo Benassai, Marzia Casini, Don Marco Pratesi, Giovanni Pestelli, Claudio Cerretelli, Monica Cecchi, Dora Liscia Bemporad, Valentina Rubechini, Franco Paliaga.

The Sacra Cintola, the Virgin’s belt stored within the Duomo that for centuries was Prato’s most precious treasure, is a religious and civil symbol, the centrepiece of the city’s artistic activity and cornerstone of its identity. The narrow strip (87 centimeters) of brocaded goat’s wool in gold thread is the focus of the an exhibition that comprises other valuable works, namely the altarpiece by Bernardo Daddi, commissioned in 1337-1338, that recounts the legend of how the relic was sent by the Madonna to Saint Thomas at the moment of her Assumption. By 1141, it was transported to Prato by the Pratese merchant Michele Dagomari and in 1172, was donated to the city’s parish church.

The catalogue of this exhibition illustrates, in addition to the relic usually conserved in the Agnolo Gaddi cappella of the Duomo, the displayed series of paintings, sculptures and miniatures that demonstrate the various elaborations on the theme of the Assumed Mary bestowing her belt.

In addition, essays and photographs propose a study of the cappella frescoed by Gaddi, the provostship of Santo Stefano, the abstentions that regularly take pace in Prato and its religious history throughout the centuries.

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