More mischief in Tuscany
Adventures in a Florentine Masterpiece


by Nancy Shroyer Howard

Cinta, in his pen, complained that the day had gotten off to a very bad start indeed. His master had gone into town without him and, instead of bringing the piglet along, had taken two plucked chickens to the market. But above all, he had forgotten to give Cinta his breakfast… Everyone who followed the Sienese adventures of the pig Cinta hoped that Nancy would take him on another fantastic journey. And now young readers have gotten their wish: our hero has suddenly escaped from his pen. We don’t know if it was out of a spirit of adventure or a sense of fear, but after racing as fast as he winds up in Florence. And without realizing it he finds himself in one of the city’s most extraordinary frescoes, Benozzo Gozzoli’s Procession of the Magi in the chapel of the Palazzo Medici Riccardi. You can imagine his astonishment when he discovers he’s in the company of all those animals: mules and ducks, dogs and birds, and even camels and cheetahs! And all those important characters in their colourful and exotic garb….
Needless to say, Cinta gets into one predicament after another. He also has some scary adventures and, as his hunger and homesickness grow, he finally realizes that he misses his pen. In the end, the birds lead him home, where – on a full stomach, of course! – he can reminisce about his great escapade.

A folding reproduction of the frescoed walls is pasted inside the book.

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Dimensions 15.5 × 22 cm



Hardback with jacket


in colour


English, French, Italian


978-88-7461-157-7 (ita), 978-88-7461-158-4 (eng), 978-88-7461-159-1 (fra)