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Non ti preoccupare


by Domenico Palladino

Don’t worry, the first novel written by Domenico Palladino, tells a plot of happenings concerning different areas, the sentimental such as the political-economical, the moral such as the literary one. In this mixture of topics, the protagonist is firmly put to the test by a very particular story and he’s incited to remain calm, to stay on his feet – by profession an accountant, Vittorio is consulted about the imminent failure and the planned trade of a wine business owned by some acquaintances. It’s especially Benedetta, sweet and fragile woman, nephew of the business’s owner and partner of a man that she doesn’t love anymore and wishes to escape from (after a lifetime suffering of both his tyranny and cruelty) who asks for Vittorio’s help. On the other hand, Benedetta’s partner Roberto, mixed up in corruption stories as well as in gambling, wishes to eliminate Benedetta’s uncle. Vittorio soon falls in love with Benedetta, showing composure, patience and good faith. In the dense and animated plot of this book, Vittorio not only represents the recuser, on a human level before than professional, but also turns out to be the scapegoat: they will try to catch, betray and incriminate him about the business’ failure. Behind this multi-colored symphony of events, as a warning, Vittorio recalls something his father told him while he was dying, sacrosanct to him as the Holy Bible: “Don’t worry”. In the background, similar to a narrative fil rouge, a nostalgia instead recalls the boundaries of Vittorio’s homeland, Basilicata, at the same time a blur and tidy photograph. It’s in the hardest moments that he misses that sort of Paradise of childhood, always dreaming a way back.

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