«Segni di maraviglia»
I ricami su disegno di Pollaiolo per il Parato di San Giovanni. Storia e restauro


edited by Marco Ciatti, Susanna Conti, Rita Filardi, Licia Triolo

Twenty-seven panels in polychrome silks, embroidered with golden strand to the design of Antonio del Pollaiolo – a sacred vestment was an artistic masterpiece indeed –, that is, the emblem of a culture. According to the commission by the Arte di Calimala in 1466, that destined it to the most solemn festivities which would take place in the Baptistery of St John, the subject are the Stories of the patron of Florence St John, told through the hand of the best masters craftsmen, Italian but not only.

The Opera del Duomo commissioned the restoration of the vestment to the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence, that has brought it back to its original splendour and now it shows it in its museum next to the Altare d’argento, in a hall that dazzles and embodies the Florentine Humanism and Renaissance.

The volume documents the restoration of the vestment and traces its historical and artistic profile in an unprecedented way, with images-accompanying that reinstate all its magnificence.

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202 in colour and 34 b/w





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