Playing with Art


text by M. Fantoli
illustrations by M. Manetti

Discover Siena with Martin the wizard, a talented poet, musician, painter, dancer, knight, peasant, jockey, juggler and tightrope walker – at least according to his visiting card. Martin accompanies young visitors on a tour of Siena’s museums, churches and palaces. He is a well-respected authority on local history and cuisine, a recognized expert on everything to do with the Palio, and an art historian too! He likes to disguise himself in colourful ways, and boldly climbs up the Duomo or sets himself into marble floors to amuse his friends.

Like Florence. Playing with Art, this book combines text, drawings and photographs to produce an entertaining introduction to Siena that looks at the city through a child’s eyes.

Marta Manetti is a young artist whose fresh and colourful illustrations for fairy-tales and children’s books are being much appreciated by the public.

Michèle Fantoli is Mandragora’s French editor and translator. They are the authors of Florence. A Painted Dream (Mandragora, 2001).

Eur 7,00

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 cm





52 in colour


English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


88-7461-032-7 (ita), 88-7461-033-5 (eng), 88-7461-072-6 (fra), 88-7461-073-4 (ger), 88-7461-074-2 (spa)

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