Spaced Out
Gianluca Milesi: esercizi di architettura

SESV Spazio Espositivo di Santa Verdiana
Florence, 16-30 May 2003

“In the extraterritorial waters between the lost world of the first machine age, laden with symbols of the last century (Platonic geometries, the rationalism of structures, concrete and steel forms) and the as yet unexplored islands of the digital, Milesi’s fluid parasites sail a zigzag course” (Cesare Birignani).

Done in collaboration with SESV Spazio Espositivo di Santa Verdiana, this volume opens with a piece by Milesi himself, entitled Displacements, and with a short essay by Cesare Birignani on Industrial-digital: concrete, steel and bits. A selection of projects follows, subdivided into four thematic sections: Genesis, Play, Program, Alteration.

Gianluca Milesi lives and works in New York and Milan. The studio, organized as a flexible and free work structure, concerns itself with architecture, interior design, theoretical projects and installations. The projects, built and unbuilt, are always characterized by the relation between experimentation and real environments and situations. The approach is always in some way an ‘artistic’, multidisciplinary one, though it is closely bound up with the methods and techniques of architecture. The working method is independent of the scale, typology or degree of definition of the project. Some are provocations, while others follow a more specific program. However, they all tend to assume their own consistency and working logic. The introduction of formal and conceptual displacement, the use of computers and digital media, of high and low technology, and the attention devoted to design on every scale are the characteristic qualities of his work. Some of his recent works have won competition awards and have been exhibited and published in Italy and internationally, including at the Venice Biennale.

The studio works are collected under the title “science-architecture”. Aurelia Duplouich has joined the studio in 2002. Samantha Bertolotto, Cesare Birignani, Federico Cappellina, Verdiana de la Penn, Lory Laera, Alessandro Orsini and Thomas Tsang have brought their own specialist skills to bear on a number of the projects.

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