Tales of Two Worlds
Arnie & Soot Navigate Florence

by Kate McBride
illustrations by Ashley O’Mara

Arnie and Soot are never still for a moment! The great little adventures of these two cats, who just happen to meet one afternoon, take place in the streets and squares of Florence, and around its monuments, theatres and shops. The book is a real ‘tour’ that introduces Arnie and Soot to people and places, scents and colours, and young readers can embark on this fabulous adventure along with them. But that’s not all: sometimes touring a city can be tiring, but having the right guides makes all the difference!
The book, written for children aged 6 to 10 and richly illustrated with whimsical drawings and beautiful photographs, is a fun way to accompany a visit to Florence or remember its sights after getting home.
But what about those who don’t travel? You don’t need to walk around Florence to explore it! The adventures of these resourceful cats spark the imagination, appealing to children who read them at home or listen to them as bedtime stories.
But Tales of Two Worlds is not just about words, drawings and photographs. There are also traditional Florentine recipes, connected with the adventures recounted in the book, that offer adults and children a fun opportunity to cook together as they talk about Arnie and Soot and their heroic rescue in the Arno, a day at the stadium, and boots… just like those of Puss in Boots.

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