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(The Offended) The Murderer and His Pyjamas or the secret Biophilia
A story by Antonio Brizzolari


‘(The Offended) The Murderer and His Pyjamas’ is a work that cannot and must not be separated from the world of Brizzolari’s own creations. He reminds us of this by inserting his sketches amongst the pages of his book. This could be considered his daily autobiography, a Ulysses. Antonio offers us through these pages the spaceship we all need to escape our own monsters. The thoughts we discover in his book are not rambling ideas or trembling emotions neither are they imaginative odysseys in his everyday life. They are on the contrary the clearest image which follows Damasio’s theory – Descarte’s error: “It is as if we are possessed by a passion for reason, a drive that originates in the core of the brain permeating other levels of the nervous system and emerges as either feelings or non-conscious biases to guide decision making” Here it is… the artist of spaceships. The artist of “The human brain. Every man has his own ideas.” A man who transmits culture in every single line and in each piece of his art only to deny them immediately afterwards with a triumph of perverse and chaotic actions and hallucinations. When the colours of the dye or the fabrics cannot serve as a tool for the artist Brizzolari uses with the same agility the evocative power of words, of quotations, of the exclamation mark! A life according to art and ideal… Revolutionary and Martian.

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Saddle stitched


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