venti progetti per una scuola a Bagno a Ripoli

exhibition catalogue: SESV Spazio Espositivo di Santa Verdiana
Florence, 6-20 June 2003

The imperative faced by anyone with supervisory responsibilities is to keep the consumption of resources within the limits of renewability in order to offer future generations at least the same quality of life we enjoy. This need inspired this council office to include the principles of bioarchitecture and eco-sustainability among the requirements for the competition for the school of Croce a Varliano in Bagno a Ripoli. However, out of professional sensitivity I wanted these requirements, suggested when the competition was being developed, to become elements to promote design invention rather than external qualities added at the end of the design phase.

It seemed to me that there was no better test to verify the link between the environmental culture and that of the architectural project than the construction of this kindergarten/primary school for children aged three to eleven. Indeed, a school is a setting in which they spend many hours a day during the eight fundamental years of their development, and it is here that our children’s minds, characters and tastes are formed. It is a space that, through its very quality, can and must teach them the environmental ethos—which is fundamental—that I mentioned in my opening words.

The extensive participation and good quality of the results demonstrate that these requirements are by no means a sterile, suffocating cage and can instead stimulate architectural expressiveness suitable for the era in which we live. This exhibition, held in the distinguished setting of the Department of Architecture at the University of Florence, will permit an initial assessment of the results and constitute a key moment in the hoped-for dialogue between the world of culture and local institutions working in the territory.

(From the preface by Pierfilippo Checchi, Councilman for Liveability and Ecology of the Municipality of Bagno a Ripoli)

Promoted in collaboration with the SESV (Spazio Espositivo di Santa Verdiana), the book illustrates 20 of the more than 160 projects submitted for the competition to design the school of Croce a Varliano in Bagno a Ripoli. It features the four top-ranking projects, the four honourable mentions (from fifth to eighth place) and twelve projects specially selected for the exhibition. The catalogue, with an introduction by Pierfilippo Checchi entitled “Environment and Design”, closes with the jury’s official evaluation of the top four projects, written by Adolfo Natalini. Donata Bigazzi summarized the texts and chose the images from the architectural plans.

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