La principessa Fuzzia


Text by Carlotta Filardi
Illustrations by Nicoletta Costa

Preface by Leonardo Pieraccioni

In a distant land during a time of blossoming cherries, the beautiful Princess Fuzzia was born. The princess grew up healthy and strong, and her life as an adult continued happily and serenely with Prince Codino by her side. One terrible day she felt unwell and discovered that she had a dragon inside her: the rare dragon large B-cell Linfo. From that moment, surrounded by the affection of a special army of friends and subjects, the Princess began her battle against the dragon. With the help of funny doctors and their odd assistants, ready to cure her with strange but effective machines, the dragon Linfo could not stand a chance and in the end, left Princess Fuzzia free and healthy.

The fairy tale takes place in a faraway fuchsia kingdom, delicately and profoundly confronting the subject of cancer and the difficult path facing an oncology patient, without omitting any therapeutic aspect. Transformed into magician’s hats, giant rings, silly little doorways and talking masks, the reader recognises the key instruments for tumour diagnosis and treatment. The Princess Fuzzia is a special book written for small patients and for children of the sick to try to explain and facilitate a discussion on a very difficult subject.

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13 in colour