e altre fotografie del paesaggio urbano

Florence, SESV Spazio Espositivo di Santa Verdiana, 28 May-4 Jun. 2002
Berlin, IIC, 29 August-15 September 2002

“A partial list of things that interest me: six-lane highways, ring-roads and overpasses; glass and cement buildings in office districts; dual carriageways; men with a jacket, tie and briefcase. High-density residential skyrises. Supermarkets: hypermarkets and shopping centres. Grey walls and rows of windows. Wide Eastern European avenues with leaden skies. Uniform landscapes: towers, bridges and cement. Illuminated signs on cold nights. Pigeons, tourists. Unrealised low-cost housing projects. The crevices of the urban fabric, squat/social centres. Provincial shop windows and dogs on leads. Furniture and shoe factories along the trunk roads of central Italy. The issue of urban greenery, alterations to urban planning schemes.”

Done in collaboration with SESV Spazio Espositivo di Santa Verdiana, the volume is divided into two parts, “Neueberlinkementz” and “Variazioni: altre fotografie del paesaggio urbano”, and includes the essays “Integral architectures” by Matteo Chini and “Architectural speculations” by Marco Brizzi, as well as an interview with Enrico Amante by Frederik Neuwahl.

Born in Florence in 1972, Enrico Amante studied law at the University of Florence and is now working in the field of Urbanistic Law. He studied photography with Francesco Gnot and Pierre Drap. In 1999 he started experimenting with digital photography of the urban landscape. The subject of many personal and collective exhibitions, his images and videos are on display at the site

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