The Pittas Collection Volume II
Early Italian and Renaissance Works


edited by Stefano G. Casu
entries by Stefano G. Casu, Gabriele Fattorini, Linda Pisani

The volume depicts the second chapter of the important collection of ancient and Renaissance art Pittas, that offers an abundant overview of the Italian art between the XII and the XVI century.

The volume is divided into two sections, where besides the works of painting analysed by Stefano G. Casu we can find also sculptures, these with the entries edited by Gabriele Fattorini and Linda Pisani. What’s more, also in this occasion works that are known to the artistic literature appear next to others that are unprecedented or just known inside the little circle of specialists.

In the collection are present paintings by Bernardo Daddi, Jacopo del Casentino, Giovanni di Pietro (Lo Spagna), Orazio Riminaldi, Paolo Veronese and Vincenzo Civerchio, while the sculpture is represented by authors such as Giovanni della Robbia, Nanni di Bartolo, Alberto da Campione.

The entries are accompanied by color images of the art works and the complete bibliography.

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