Exploring new smart living ecosystems. A design perspective

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by V.M. Iannilli, A. Spagnoli

The volume includes a series of theoretical-critical insights and reflections which, combined with their application results, investigate the context of contemporary and temporary living, in relation to the evolution of the technological and smart component.
The profound changes linked to the new global economies and digital transformation affect our ways of living. The intricate system of relationships in which we are immersed, gives shape to a new life scenario. A new scenario in which places are no longer determined by what occupies the scene, but are instead produced by the relationships that are established between the space, its inhabitants and a network of meanings that connects the inside with the outside, the local with the global.
The new domestic spaces are inhabited by new technologies capable of reshaping the daily experience. On one hand, technology adapts to the context of life of the inhabitants and, on the other, cultures and housing practices change based on the constraints and opportunities that the same technology offers. In this context, objects have become intelligent and reactive, able to interact with user personalization and profiling applications through the Internet. The new Smart Living is therefore configured as a modus vivendi within service, information and interaction systems, conveyed by interconnected technological devices, “immersed” in an object and aesthetic component that constitutes a new frontier.

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