Francesco Romiti

Almost six years after his death in 2013, at the center of the festival irregolArt, will take place an exhibition devoted to the works of an artist that from a long time deserves to be remembered: Umani. Francesco Romiti. The catalogue, embellished by Eva di Stefano and Tomaso Montanari’s words, proposes a selection of the artist’s works and goes through the most important passages of his itinerary. Among these are his urgent expression, the constant demand of an ideal of pure freedom, immune to compromises with the society, as well as a deep attention to the human profile and its contradictions. When Romiti died, Chille de la balanza and Dana Simionescu, who had been his friends and active promoters since they first met his artistic work, have inherited his talent. Their intention today is making it visible, both to motivate a reflection and to open a new window through which observing the world, possibly under a different light, similar to Francesco’s one.

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