Tre manoscritti armeni dalla Toscana
(XIII-XIV secolo)

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The catalogue in three languages (italian, english and armenian) of the exhibition Three Armenian Manuscripts from Tuscany (13th–14th century) illustrates in detail an exhibit planned to last for seven months, from the 9th of June until the 9th of January 2020. The exhibit will take place at the Museum Matenadaran in Jerevan, Armenia, and will concentrate on three precious armenian manuscripts of the XIII-XIV centuries coming from the collection of the florentine Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana. The catalogue tells the genesis and the historical episodes of the three manuscripts, insisting on their importance in as much they prove the profound and lively relationships between Italy and Armenia, and in addition the important role of armenian communities in Tuscany and in the Peninsula. The project of the set-up of the exhibition has been supported by the CNR, the National Research Council, which has made texts and images available through a multimedial and interactive description. The catalogue, counting on precious illustrations, edited by Anna Rita Fantoni and Giovanna Rasario, is introduced by the prefaces of the Ambassador of Italy Vincenzo Del Monaco and of the President of the National Research Council Massimo Inguscio.

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